WEB FINDER (SaaS against piracy at Web sites)


In WEB FINDER Service, our system crawl various WEB sites where many contents are distributed without permission. Then we collect contents files and analyze and report the situation. We use contents recognition system in WEB FINDER Service.Based on the data collected in WEB FINDER Service, you can issue take down notices under ISP liability limitation law of Japan.

Service Style

We provide WEB FINDER Service in SaaS (Software as a service) style. So you don't have to prepare any hardware

Monitoring Sites

Japanese Mobile BBS sites, Foreign File Hosting services, Leech sites (Japanese and Overseas)


Monitoring site examples

  • 4shared.com
  • rapidshare.com
  • alink.uic.to
  • youku.com
  • tudou.com
  • pandora.tv
  • aimew.jp
  • zippyshare
  • atura.jp
  • badongo.com
  • fc2.com

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